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TowFLEXX Military Aircraft Towing Solutions 

Welcome to the forefront of military aircraft ground handling technology. TowFLEXX is proud to introduce our cutting-edge line of military aircraft towing solutions, engineered to meet the demanding requirements of military operations around the globe. Our products are designed with precision, offering unmatched power and performance to enhance the efficiency, safety, and readiness of military air fleets.

Our innovative tow tugs and aircraft towing systems are tailored for a wide range of military aircraft, from fighters and helicopters to large transport planes. Each product in our portfolio is built to the highest standards of durability and reliability, ensuring they perform flawlessly in the challenging environments military operations often entail.


At TowFLEXX, we understand the critical importance of speed and adaptability on the military front. Our towing solutions are not only fast and efficient but also feature intuitive controls and advanced safety mechanisms, allowing for rapid deployment and operation by personnel in high-pressure scenarios.

Explore our military product range to discover how TowFLEXX is revolutionizing aircraft ground handling, offering solutions that significantly reduce the risk of aircraft damage, enhance operational efficiency, and support the strategic mobility of military forces worldwide.

Dive into the future of military aircraft handling with TowFLEXX. Precision-engineered for excellence, our towing products set the standard for safety, reliability, and performance in military aviation.


TowFLEXX champions sustainability with innovative battery powered solutions, reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly technology for a greener future in aviation ground handling

Single User Capabilities

Streamline operations, reducing manpower needs for towing, enhancing efficiency substantially. Experience effortless maneuvering with total visibility due to remote controlled handling.

TowFLEXX units provide nearly maintenance-free operation, thanks to the hydraulic-free design, ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness without hidden costs attached.

This is what Users say.

The TF-5 has not only meet the needs to WR-ALC Robins Depot but has made work less laborious. With the TF5 it has reduced time spent waiting for a conventional tug and towbar to move the aircraft into various stands to be worked on.

Carl Motter, Warner Robbins AFB

The TF-5 has provided us with a low cost alternative to the MB-4 tow tractor here at Aviano AB. The small footprint of the TF-5 has given us enhanced options when moving to offsite locations. A single pallet can be utilized to transport via ground or air. At home station we have observed increased towing safety due to the improved visibility, ease of use, precise controls, and quite operation of the TF-5. Additionally, we have seen improved man power utilization as towing with the TF-5 requires one less maintenance member per tow operation when compared to the MB-4 tractor. All around the TF-5 has proven to be a beneficial addition for our F-16 units as we continue to cultivate a lethal, agile force.

Nathan Packer, Aviano AFB
With TowFlexx units we’ve taken monumental steps toward a green environmental initiative, all but eliminated risk of injury to personnel, reduced possible aircraft mishaps, reduced tow team personnel, reduced operating costs & increased operational productivity. It’s simple, Towflexx works when you need it, in any environment
Kevin Erskine, Hill AFB
Airmen from the 555th Aircraft Maintenance Unit are using a remote-controlled system to mount an F-16. Each TowFLEXX saves approximately 2,790 man hours annually!

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Aviano Airbase, Social Media

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Our team is working with the DoD for years and can give you the best insides of the operation on other bases and which unit is the perfect fit for any specific aircraft and why!

TowFLEXX TF5 Miltech electric tug moving an A-10 Thunderbolt II on a military base, showcasing precision aircraft ground handling for combat operations.

Developed for Military Needs.

TowFLEXX units are collaboratively developed with military input, ensuring they meet specific operational needs, enhancing ground handling efficiency and reliability in demanding military environments.

Our Experienced Team gets you Airborne.

Ulrich ‘Uli’ Nielen

Picture of TowFLEXX Miltech CEO Ulrich Uli Nielen

Uli Nielen, Chief Executive Officer of TowFLEXX Miltech based in Saint Augustine, Florida, brings years of expertise to the team. Specializing in military and government sales since 2020, Uli has garnered extensive experience in serving various departments including Airforce, Coast Guard, Navy, Police and more.

Dr. Tobias Strobl

Picture of TowFLEXX Miltech CSO Doctor Tobias Strobl

Dr. Tobias Strobl is the strategic head of TowFLEXX Miltech and has long-standing relationships within the US government. He has many years of experience in helping start-ups find their way into the market and supporting various agencies of the US government with innovations to support all sorts of operations.


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