TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec aircraft tug towing a US Navy Blue Angels A-4F Skyhawk, showcasing its capability in providing efficient ground handling for military and naval aviation
TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec tug efficiently towing a North American T-6 Texan aircraft, demonstrating versatility and operational excellence in aviation ground handling.
TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec aircraft tug skillfully towing a NASA T-38 training jet, exemplifying advanced ground support technology in aerospace operations.
TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec aircraft tug efficiently towing a USAF T-38 Talon, demonstrating superior ground handling capabilities for military jets.

TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec – 30,000 lbs MTOW.

The TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec, an innovative battery-powered, remote-controlled aircraft tug, is optimized for military efficiency and supports Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E.). Engineered for solo operation, it guarantees precise control by keeping the aircraft’s nose wheel aligned, significantly enhancing safety and operational productivity. With its exceptional ability to execute 360° turns on the spot, the TF4 Milspec ensures rapid maneuvering in restricted spaces, making it a pivotal tool for military aviation logistics and ground handling.

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Preview image showcasing the TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec, a top-tier towing solution designed for military and government applications. Engineered for reliability and precision, it optimizes operational efficiency in various environments

TF4 MilSpec

Airframe Airplanes & Helicopter
Single Nose Wheel
Towing Capacity up to 14.000 kg
up to 30.000 lbs
Lifting Capacity up to 1.500 kg
up to 3.300 lbs
Controls Remote Control
Capturing System semi-automatic
Wheel Adjustment semi-automatic
Time to Capture 20 sec
Time to Release 20 sec
GPU Capability optional
Weight 666 kg
1,468 lbs
Dimensions 1.750 x 1.450 x 455 mm
68,9″ x 57,08″ x 17,91″ (21,25″)
Airframe Examples T-1
King Air
LED Status Indicators on TowFLEXX TF3 Milspec: Visual Guidance for Optimal Aircraft Tug Operation and Safety

LED Status Indicators 

Detail of TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec's capturing system lighting, offering optimal visibility in low light conditions, ensuring safe and efficient aircraft towing operations.

Advanced Lighting

Emergency Stop Button on TowFLEXX Milspec Units: Ensuring Immediate Halt for Enhanced Safety in Aircraft Tug Operations

Emergency Stop

Patented Semi-Automatic Capturing System of TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec Demonstrated in Action, Highlighting Innovative Aircraft Tug Technology for Enhanced Ground Support Efficiency.

Semi-Automatic Capturing

Smart Charging System of TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec Using Standard Outlet, Eliminating Need for Special Infrastructure, Showcasing Efficient Energy Solution for Aircraft Tugs.

Easy Charging

Large, clearly visible identification markings on both sides of the TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec, facilitating easy recognition of the equipment from a distance.

Large Identification



Remote Controlled.

Explore the TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec is mid-size remote-controlled aircraft tug in the TowFLEXX series. Its remote control operates via a certified radio signal for airfield use, enabling operators to navigate around the aircraft with ease, providing full visibility and safeguarding against any possible risks that could damage the aircraft. Perfect for effective and secure aircraft management.

360° Turntable.

The TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec introduces a patented, semi-automatic capturing system alongside its innovative 360° turntable, which keeps the nose wheel aligned during towing for improved safety in ground operations. The turntable can be locked to prevent unwanted movements, especially over steep hangar rails, rough surfaces, or when engaging and disengaging the aircraft.

Single Operator Capabilities.
The TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec facilitates operations by a single individual through its remote control capabilities, effectively allowing the operator to serve as their own wingman. This advancement drastically cuts down the time required to gather a towing team in critical scenarios, thereby substantially aiding Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E.) on a broad scale.
Low Maintenance.
The TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec is renowned for its minimal maintenance requirements, with a design that eliminates hydraulics in favor of simple visual checks and occasional lubrication of the turntable. This affordable approach leads to significantly lower operating costs. Routine maintenance can be conducted effortlessly by the ground crew, negating the necessity for certified TowFLEXX staff and thereby further diminishing overheads.

Videos & Impressions.

TowFLEXX TF4 with various Aircraft

In this military overview, from minute 3:30 witness the versatile TowFLEXX TF4 Milspec in action alongside various airframes, showcasing its pivotal role in supporting Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E.). This segment highlights the TF4 Milspec’s adaptability and efficiency in enhancing military readiness and operational flexibility.

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