TowFLEXX HD190 Milspec – 190,000 lbs MTOW.

The TowFLEXX HD190, the future of aircraft towing at your fingertips. This powerhouse can handle aircraft  up to 190,000 lbs maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), blending immense strength with spot-on precision and eco-efficiency. Thanks to its remote control capabilities, it offers unmatched flexibility and safety, while its battery-powered design ensures operations are green. Perfect for anything from commercial airliners to military aircrafts like the C-130, the HD190 stands out as the smart choice for fuss-free, environmentally friendly aircraft towing.

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The TowFLEXX HD190’s journey began with a specific challenge from the USAF: the need for a compact towing solution capable of handling C-130 aircraft. Initially, the HD190 started as a variant of the TowFLEXX TF5. However, recognizing the unique requirements, the concept was reimagined, leading to the development of an entirely new unit.

The innovation didn’t stop there; the design of the HD190 was inspired by the dimensions of a 463L pallet, a standard for transporting equipment on cargo aircraft. This strategic choice transformed the HD190 into a portable solution, allowing aircrews to carry their own towing equipment on missions, facilitating easy deployment anywhere in the world.

Throughout its development, the HD190 was enhanced with additional features to increase its versatility, making it not just a towing solution but a strategic asset. These enhancements have positioned the HD190 as a smart choice for operations, particularly supporting the principles of Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E.), by providing flexibility, efficiency, and readiness in various operational contexts.

Product Details.



Preview image showcasing the TowFLEXX HD190 Milspec, a robust towing solution designed for military and government applications. Engineered for durability and efficiency, it excels in various operational environments.

HD190 MilSpec

Airframe Airplanes & Helicopter
Single Nose Wheel
Towing Capacity up to 86.000 kg
up to 190.000 lbs
Lifting Capacity up to 14.000 kg
up to 30.000 lbs
Controls Remote Control
Capturing System automatic
Wheel Adjustment automatic
Time to Capture 30 sec
Time to Release 30 sec
GPU Capability optional
Weight 2,000 kg
4,409 lbs
Dimensions 2.700 x 2.050 x 500 mm
106,3″ x 80,7″ x 19,68″
Airframe Examples C-130
TowFLEXX HD190 securely loaded into the cargo bay of a C-130 aircraft, demonstrating its compact design and transportability for operational deployment.

Easy Deployment Capabilities

Programmer fine-tuning a TowFLEXX tug's software, showcasing the advanced programming capabilities and customization options for optimal towing performance.

Extended Programming Options

TowFLEXX HD190 equipped with safety bumpers, reflective tape, advanced lighting, and multiple heavy-duty tie-down hooks for enhanced towing safety and visibility.

Various Safety Installations

Advanced remote control of TowFLEXX HD190 featuring a color display and multi-layer HUD for superior data visualization and information management during aircraft towing operations.

Multi Layer HUD

Advanced TowFLEXX HD190 connectivity with state-of-the-art control systems and versatilea interfaces for efficient aircraft towing operations.

Oversteering Protection

Indicator Lights on TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec: Visual Communication for Operational Status and Safety Alerts

Advanced Visibility

Chain Guard on TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec: Enhanced Safety Feature Protecting Operator and Bystanders from Unwanted Interaction with Motors and Drive Chains

Chain Guards



Remote Controlled.

The TowFLEXX HD190 Milspec is a battery-powered, remote-controlled aircraft tug. It utilizes a certified radio signal specifically designed for airfield use, allowing operators to smoothly maneuver around aircraft with complete visibility, minimizing potential risks and preventing damage. Ideal for efficient and secure aircraft handling

Single Operator Capabilities.
The TowFLEXX HD190 Milspec distinguishes itself by enabling a single operator to independently conduct towing tasks using the remote control, effectively serving as their own wingman due to total visibility. This groundbreaking feature greatly diminishes the time required to organize a tow team for critical maneuvers, providing a significant enhancement to Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E.) tactics in a wide range of situations.

The eCube, the brain of the TowFLEXX HD190 MilSpec, is a streamlined module that contains all crucial electrical and computing elements. It is engineered for rapid adaptability, allowing for swift replacement in case of failure or for upgrading with the newest technology. This design ensures reduced downtime and improved performance.

  • eCube module for TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec and HD190, showcasing all-in-one electrical and computing components, easily replaceable for quick malfunction repair or technology upgrade, ensuring advanced functionality and minimal downtime
  • Detailed view of TowFLEXX eCube featuring the quick-release mechanism, highlighting the ease of fast swaps while ensuring secure attachment for reliable operation.
Low Maintenance.
The TowFLEXX HD190 Milspec stands out for its exceptionally low maintenance requirements, a design that eliminates hydraulic systems in favor of straightforward visual checks and occasional lubrication of the turntable. This strategy not only improves the ease and efficiency of maintenance routines but also dramatically cuts down on operational expenses. The design enables ground crew members to effortlessly perform regular maintenance duties without the need for specialized TowFLEXX staff, significantly reducing the associated costs.

Videos & Impressions.

TowFLEXX HD190 towing different Aircraft

Discover the versatility of the TowFLEXX HD190 in this military overview video, showcasing its capability to efficiently tow various aircraft types. Witness the HD190’s superior design and performance in action, making aircraft towing effortless and safe. Perfect for aviation professionals seeking a reliable towing solution.

Please note: that the videos showcased represent just a small excerpt of TowFLEXX’s capabilities at military installations. Many locations restrict filming or public sharing of operational footage, limiting the breadth of our visual demonstrations.

HD190 MilSpec with C-130J

Watch the TowFLEXX HD190 MilSpec easily move the Lockheed C-130J uphill, smooth and easy, operated by a single individual.

HD190 MilSpec with Boeing KC-135

See the strength of the TowFLEXX HD190 MilSpec at Mildenhall Airbase, UK, repositioning a K-135.

HD190 MilSpec with C-130

This video shows one of the first movements of C-130 aircraft with the TowFLEXX HD190 at Ramstein Airbase in Germany.

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