TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec at Osan Air Base executing a night-time tow of a USAF F-16 jet, demonstrating advanced operational capabilities under low-light conditions.
TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec engaged in a training session with a USAF F-16 jet at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy, showcasing its interoperability and efficiency in aviation ground support.
USAF F-35 jet being towed by the TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec, illustrating cutting-edge ground handling technology in military aviation.
TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec towing a US Government Gulfstream G3, exemplifying state-of-the-art ground handling capabilities for official aircraft.
TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec towing a U2 Dragon Lady aircraft at Beale Air Force Base, showcasing exceptional towing performance for high-value assets

TowFLEXX TF5 Milspec – 132,000 lbs MTOW.

Introducing the TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec Aircraft Tug: the most preferred choice among military forces worldwide for its unmatched versatility and reliability in handling a broad spectrum of aircraft. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of military operations, the TF5 MilSpec stands out for its ability to efficiently maneuver everything from fighter jets to small training aircraft. With its robust design and advanced technology, this unit ensures precision, safety, and operational readiness, making it an indispensable tool for military aviation ground handling, supporting Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E) on a whole new level. Discover how the TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec can transform your aircraft towing and ground support operations, offering unparalleled performance and adaptability.

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Product Details.


Preview image showcasing the TowFLEXX TF5 Milspec, an advanced towing solution optimized for military and government applications. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, it excels in diverse operational environments.

TF5 MilSpec

Airframe Airplanes & Helicopter
Single Nose Wheel
Towing Capacity up to 60.000 kg
up to 132.000 lbs
Lifting Capacity up to 5.000 kg
up to 11.000 lbs
Controls Remote Control
Capturing System semi-automatic
Wheel Adjustment manual
Time to Capture 20 sec
Time to Release 20 sec
GPU Capability optional
Weight 1,900 kg
4,189 lbs
Dimensions 2.500 x 1.890 x 455 mm
98,42″ x 74,4″ x 17,91″
Airframe Examples A-10
LiDAR-Based Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS) and Collision Avoidance on TowFLEXX TF5, in Partnership with Evitado Technologies: Advanced Safety Technology in Action

Unique Nosegear Protection

Equipment Box of TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec: Designed to Store All Adapters and Transportable in the Tug's Capturing System

Sturdy Equipment Box

Fixed Pintle Hook Adapter on TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec for Secure Towing of GSE and other equipment

Built-In Pintle Hook

TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec with Precision Turntable Motor for Safe and Controlled Aircraft Maneuvering

Full Turntable Control

TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec with Luggage Rack Accessory: Enhanced Transportation Space for Military Aviation

Transportation Accessories

TowFLEXX TF5 with Versatile Array of Accessories for Tailored Equipment Customization

Vast Variety of Accessories

Indicator Lights on TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec: Visual Communication for Operational Status and Safety Alerts

Advanced Visibility

Chain Guard on TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec: Enhanced Safety Feature Protecting Operator and Bystanders from Unwanted Interaction with Motors and Drive Chains

Chain Guards


General Information.

Military Origins of the TowFLEXX TF5.
The TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec originated within a military context, following an inquiry from the Swiss Air Force (Armasuisse) for a solution to maneuver F18 fighter jets. Despite the absence of an existing solution, the request catalyzed the immediate commencement of development for a new, larger aircraft tug. This development journey culminated in the creation of the TowFLEXX TF5, a versatile aircraft tug capable of servicing both commercial aircraft up to 60 tons and various fighter jets, including the F15, F16, F18, F22, F35, A10, among others. Building on this foundation, 2020 saw the further enhancement of the TF5 into a specialized military configuration (MilSpec), achieved through collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and other military partners.
MilSpec – the preferred choice.

The term “MilSpec” signifies “Military Specification,” indicating a design tailored specifically for military applications. The TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec version is precisely engineered for the rigorous daily operations at military bases. This adaptation is the result of extensive feedback from numerous US-military installations worldwide where the TF5 has been deployed. Continuous engagement with the personnel stationed at these bases has allowed us to gather invaluable insights. This direct feedback loop has facilitated the development of improvements and innovations, ensuring that TowFLEXX tugs are both more user-friendly and safer for military use.


Remote Controlled.

Discover the TowFLEXX TF5 Milspec, a remotely operated aircraft tug designed for precision and safety. Utilizing a certified radio signal approved for airfield environments, it allows operators to maneuver effortlessly around aircraft, ensuring optimal visibility and minimizing the risk of damage. Ideal for efficient and safe aircraft handling.

Low Maintenance.
The TowFLEXX TF5 Milspec distinguishes itself through its notably low maintenance demands, opting for a design that forgoes hydraulic systems in favor of easily conducted visual inspections and infrequent lubrication of the turntable. This approach not only enhances the efficiency of maintenance procedures but also significantly reduces operational costs. The design allows for routine maintenance tasks to be seamlessly executed by ground crew members, obviating the need for specialized TowFLEXX personnel and thereby substantially lowering financial overheads.
Single Operator Capabilities.
The TowFLEXX TF5 Milspec stands out by empowering a single operator to manage towing operations autonomously through its advanced remote control features, essentially acting as their own wingman. This innovative capability significantly reduces the time needed to assemble a tow team for urgent movements, offering a substantial boost to Agile Combat Employment (A.C.E.) strategies across various scenarios.
360° Turntable.
The TowFLEXX TF5 Milspec, equipped with a motor-operated turntable, enables 360° rotation around the nose landing gear, preventing any oversteering and enhances maneuverability. Optional equipped with the Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS), this feature automates turntable controls, simplifying operations for the user substantially limiting the operators task to absolute essentials and reducing the risk of costly damages.

The eCube, the central intelligence of the TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec, is a compact unit housing all vital electrical and computing components. Designed for quick adaptability, the eCube can be replaced within minutes in the event of a malfunction or to upgrade the unit with the latest technology, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced performance.

  • eCube module for TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec and HD190, showcasing all-in-one electrical and computing components, easily replaceable for quick malfunction repair or technology upgrade, ensuring advanced functionality and minimal downtime
  • Detailed view of TowFLEXX eCube featuring the quick-release mechanism, highlighting the ease of fast swaps while ensuring secure attachment for reliable operation.

Videos & Impressions.

TowFLEXX TF5 with various Aircraft

Explore the unmatched versatility and power of TowFLEXX’s military-grade towing solutions in this dynamic overview video. Witness the TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec in action alongside other TowFLEXX products, showcasing their compatibility and performance with a range of military aircraft. From precise maneuvering to robust handling, see firsthand how TowFLEXX redefines operational efficiency and safety on military airfields, proving to be the ultimate ally in aircraft towing and ground support operations.

Please note: that the videos showcased represent just a small excerpt of TowFLEXX’s capabilities at military installations. Many locations restrict filming or public sharing of operational footage, limiting the breadth of our visual demonstrations.

TF5 MilSpec with F-16 & HH-60

Watch the TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec expertly tow F-16 fighters and HH-60 helicopters at Aviano Air Force Base, Italy.

TF5 MilSpec with F-16 & A-10

Discover the power of TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec at Osan Airbase, South Korea, as it effortlessly tows F-16 jets and A-10 Warthogs.

TF5 MilSpec with F-16

Experience the strength of TowFLEXX TF5 MilSpec at Shaw AFB, seamlessly towing F-16s with precision.

Unique Accessories.

Nosewheel Protection System (NPS).
Experience enhanced towing operations with the innovative Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS), the leading and unique safety feature in the industry. This system employs advanced sensor technology to monitor the tug’s position relative to the 360° turntable and the aircraft’s body. During towing, the NPS auto-adjusts the nose wheel’s position, ensuring it stays perfectly aligned, even in the sharpest turns. Operators can concentrate on the towing process with reduced risk of damage to the sensitive nose landing gear, promoting safer and more efficient towing experiences.
One Technology, two available versions.

The Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS) is available in two variants, each offering significant benefits. The base model features a cost-effective, wired setup operated through an attitude sensor (IMU). To prepare for towing, this sensor is fixed to the aircraft’s fuselage with an aircraft-approved suction cup, linking it to a base station located in the tug’s front storage area. As the tug’s steering angle varies, the sensor coordinates with the turntable to adjust its direction, ensuring the nose wheel remains aligned. A built-in safety feature ensures the sensor is not left attached to the aircraft post-operation; the aircraft can only be detached from the tug once the sensor is reconnected to its base station, enhancing operational safety and convenience.

Standard TowFLEXX Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS) in action on a Gulfstream Jet, showcasing the sensor's control over the TF5's turntable to prevent nose wheel oversteering during towing operations.
LiDAR-based NPS (and more).

The premium variant of the Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS) boasts an expanded suite of capabilities. Equipped with a rotating LiDAR sensor at the tug’s forefront, it surveys the environment and interfaces with a comprehensive computer database, accessible via a tablet integrated with the remote control. Users initiate the process by selecting the aircraft type, enabling the system to draw from a enhanced database for that specific model to execute precise counter-steering of the turntable. This eliminates the need to affix any additional sensors to the aircraft. Additionally, this advanced version provides an optional collision avoidance feature, setting the stage for seamless integration with forthcoming technologies using the same system infrastructure.

TowFLEXX TF5 equipped with the advanced LiDAR Nose Wheel Protection System (NPS), preventing oversteering of the nose wheel and offering collision avoidance for top-tier safety in aircraft towing operations.
Collision Avoidance.
TowFLEXX’s Collision Avoidance technology, an innovative feature of the LiDAR NPS System, offers an optional layer of safety for towing operations. Co-developed with Evitado Technologies, this system, when activated, displays the outline of the specific aircraft model being towed on the operator’s tablet, highlighting nearby obstacles and potential hazards, similar to a car’s Parking Distance Control (PDC). This intelligent system can autonomously take control by braking to a halt or slowing down the unit to prevent collisions, acting as a crucial safeguard against accidents and enhancing operational security.

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