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What makes TowFLEXX tugs different from the competition?

TowFLEXX sets itself apart from competitors with its innovative design and operational efficiency. Unlike traditional tugs that rely on hydraulics, TowFLEXX units eliminate hydraulic systems, significantly reducing maintenance costs and complexity. This design choice not only lowers operating expenses to almost zero but also simplifies maintenance tasks, allowing operators to perform them independently without the need for specialized skills.

Furthermore, TowFLEXX units are renowned for their exceptional traction, addressing common challenges faced by other products in the market.

A standout feature of TowFLEXX tugs is their 360° turntable (not used on the HD190) and advanced nose wheel protection systems. These innovations ensure the nose wheel remains straight during operations, a capability unmatched by any other manufacturer.

This unique attribute also facilitates advanced hangar stacking techniques, as TowFLEXX units do not require a clear exit path in front of the aircraft for removal.

TowFLEXX units can be deployed on missions as all units can drive in and out the cargo ramp themselves and fir on standard 463L pallets.

The combination of low maintenance, operational cost savings, and unparalleled functionality distinguishes TowFLEXX as a leader of innovations in the aircraft towing industry, offering solutions that are both practical and revolutionary.

What loads can be move by TowFLEXX?

TF3 MilSpec (up to 20,000lbs)
TF4 MilSpec (up to 30,000lbs)
TF5 MilSpec (up to 132,000lbs)
HD190 MilSpec (up to 190,000lbs).

More innovative products are currently in development to cater to a broader range of aircraft towing needs.

Can TowFLEXX units operate in any weather conditions?

TowFLEXX MilSpec products excel worldwide, from Alaska’s freezing winters to Arizona’s desert heat and South Korea’s humidity, with good performance in snow and rain without limitations.

Despite TowFLEXX MilSpec products’ versatility in various climates, ice presents challenges, particularly in emergency braking. While traction remains reliable, the added momentum of a heavy aircraft can affect the unit’s braking efficiency on icy surfaces, requiring careful handling.

Do Operators need a special License?

Operating TowFLEXX products doesn’t require a special license. Larger units come with onsite training included in the purchase price (for the US mainland and Europe – surcharges may apply elsewhere).

Certified staff train the ground crew(s), providing professional training with final handover of training certificates after completion. Optional training sessions can be booked at all times (e.g. for new crew members).

What is the Warranty of the Units?

2 years after training and commissioning

Are there any extended warranty plans or service plans available?

We do offer extended warranty per year and tailored service plans.

Are the remote controlled aircraft positioners interfering with other weapon systems?

The units have been tested by the USAF and are not interfering with other radio waves or weapons systems. The certification can be provided upon request.

Are the units deployable and can be shipped by air cargo?

Yes they can be strapped on a 463 L Pallet and due to non hazardous  Led Gel batteries, they are allowed to be air transported.

Do you have 24 hour service hotline at TowFLEXX Miltech?

Yes we do please dial 904 770 6183 and also send a service request at https://tfmil.tech/service/

What is the country of Origin?

Made in Germany, assembled in  USA

Where to purchase from in the US?

TowFLEXX’s military-grade products are offered through TowFLEXX Miltech, a US-based company. A production line in the US is to be finished this year for 100% made in the USA products.

Contact for commercial sales: TowFLEXX Inc., located in Philadelphia.

How long does it take to charge TowFLEXX products?

If the batteries are fully depleted, a full charging cycle takes between 7 and 8 hours. Intermediate charging is possible and the smart chargers being built in enable constant power connection over nights or even days without harming the equipment.

How to charge TowFLEXX tugs?

Charging TowFLEXX products is effortlessly simple, requiring no specialized infrastructure—just a standard outlet. Compatible with various voltages, such as 110 or 220V, ensures flexibility and ease of use anywhere.

Which Airframes are covered for the TowFLEXX tugs?

The mentioned aircraft are just an excerpt, technically all aircraft that can be fitted in the capturing system and are within the capacity limits, can be towed by TowFLEXX unit:

TF3 MilSpec:
– MQ9 Reaper
– DA-42
– KingAir
…and many more

TF4 MilSpec:
– T-1
– T-6
– T-38
– KingAir
…and many more

TF5 MilSpec:
– A-10
– F-15
– F-16
– F18
– F-22
– F-35
– U2
– HH-60
– Gulfstream 3
…and many more

HD190 MilSpec:
– C-130
– KC-135
– Gulfstream IV
…and many more

Which Airframes have USAF certifications?

F15, F16, A10, T1, T6, T38
Soon: F22, F35 and C130

The certification can be provided upon request.

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